Sponsor a Caregiver

Staff Sponsorship ($50 - $200 Canadian)

Staff sponsorship allows Father's House to hire key staff members as part of our team rescuing, raising and caring for orphaned and abandoned children. A specific staff member will be assigned to you, and we encourage you to get to know them through email, letters, cards, gifts and updates. A staff sponsorship is $200, but you can partially sponsor for $50, $100 or $150. For further information please contact us.

Staff needing sponsorship:

  • Father's House parent in South Africa
  • New Father's House parent in Romania

Please note that if there are no staff members listed above, then all Father's House staff are currently sponsored. Would you consider becoming a monthly partner and contributing to our general fund, which covers operational costs including things like utilities, transportation, and training. As a monthly indirect sponsor, we will make you aware of the next available opportunity to sponsor a staff member.