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(A while back one of our sponsors had the opportunity to travel to Romania and meet her sponsored child. When she returned, we had a chat about her experience. Here is some of our conversation.)

Q - Why did you become a sponsor? I've always had a heart for children, especially children who are alone. I've sponsored other children through a different organization, but I felt it was too big. I wanted something more personal. Also, with other sponsor programs, the child is often living at home with his or her parents. I wanted to sponsor someone who was alone, not just someone who was poor.

Q - Why did you choose CAIRD? Peter came and spoke at our church. He shared how God led him to start this ministry and how CAIRD was different from other orphanages and sponsorship programs. I liked how you build families by placing the children with parents who want to care for them. They have a mother and a father, brothers and sisters. The children aren't alone any more.

 Q - What was it like to meet your sponsored child? Words cannot express what it was like. It was precious. It was like meeting my own child - we'd been praying for her for so long. She came and gave me a hug. I asked if she would like to sit with me, and she jumped right up onto my lap and stayed there for the entire visit.

Q - You had the chance to attend one of the Mothers Meetings. What was that like? It was very moving. Most of these families have older or even adult children. They should be looking forward to being grandparents. But they've decided to obey God and care for the orphans in their country by starting the parenting process all over again. They're making a great sacrifice to care for these children. It isn't all easy. Many children are facing problems as a result of abuse and neglect before they came to Father's House. These parents willingly deal with nightmares, insecurities, behavioural challenges and other issues so that these children can know that God loves them and they are valued. It was inspirational to be able to spend time in prayer with them and share in their struggles as well as in their joys.

Q - How has this experience changed you? It has made it very personal. I've always enjoyed helping children, but now it's not just financial, it's a real relationship. It was good to meet the Father's House parents and hear about their struggles and their sacrifices too. It is really much more than just giving money - I'm giving hope and a future.

Q - What would you like to say to other sponsors? Sponsoring is so much more than just money. It is the opportunity to share in the joys and the struggles of being a family. I would encourage sponsors to connect with their sponsor children and their families through letters and cards. Send pictures. Pray for the children and their families. And I would definitely encourage every sponsor to travel and visit their sponsor child. It was priceless.

Romania News - October 23, 2015

Meet Niko - Father's House Romania

"I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you." John 14:18

Romania News - October 01, 2015

Anca's Gratitude

Anca, who was raised by a Father's House family, shares her gratitude to her sponsors from CAIRD and Father's House Romania for helping her achieve her dream of graduating from university with a degree in Pharmacology. 

"Thank you for all your prayers, words of encouragement, your emails and financial support over all these years...and now I get to live my dream every day...Thank you for being part of God's faithfulness to me."


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