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Melody Babin - FHI Board Member

I had the immense privilege of meeting our Father’s House families in South Africa for the first time last summer. 

From the moment we arrived, you could see the genuine love and care the children had for each other and for their parents.  I cannot count how many times I observed older children helping and nurturing younger children.  It was a pleasant surprise to see teenaged children serving their parents and guests without being asked.  To see the exuberance these children have for life, you would never know the sadness they once carried by being orphaned or abandoned.

The depth of selfless caring, serving and protecting that I saw demonstrated among the children is something I did not know that children were capable of.  What made these homes so dramatically different from most homes I encounter I wondered?  As I prayed, it became clear that it is the fingerprints of God on their lives that makes them so remarkable.  They were fashioned by God’s hand and perfectly planned and it is undeniable that God has a plan and a purpose for these children.  He is preparing them now for the great things he has in store for them later. 

Even though they are orphaned, abandoned and sometimes rejected by society, God has stood up and declared, “they are mine”.  In the same way that our children resemble their earthly fathers physically, the Father’s House children I met have the spitting resemblance of their heavenly father in their deeds and actions.  Thank you so much for partnering with the work God is doing through Father's House International to transform these precious lives.

December 2015 South Africa Family Camp Worship

Zulu worship song sung by 25-year-old Sindy at Father's House Family Camp in South Africa, which took place in December 2015 just south of Durban.  

"Thank You" to our 2015 Sponsors

Thank You to our 2015 sponsors on behalf of the CAIRD South African Father's House families.


Greetings from Debbie West, National Director - South Africa

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